Kupona FoundationMessaging & Donor Engagement

I worked with the Kupona Foundation, U.S. partner to one of Tanzania’s most-trusted healthcare NGOs, to expand awareness and efficacy of their donor outreach efforts. Using a design thinking approach, I scoped a comprehensive program comprising qualitative research, brand strategy, and visual and verbal identity. An iterative workstream introduced to our client new methodologies for generating and realizing ideas and helped to instill the value of design as both an approach and an outcome.

Deliverables included donor communications, a research guide, and a messaging guide to aid brand communicators and partners in the implementation of future brand touch points.

One month after the project’s completion, Kupona Foundation launched a new messaging-rich website and has since expanded its donor awareness, grown its board of directors, and helped to save the lives of hundreds more women in Tanzania. Our direct mail kit was awarded a 2015 Health + Wellness Award from Graphic Design USA Magazine.

Project oversight; strategy; strategic storytelling
Direct Mail; Messaging Guide; Research Guide