Makeshift Magazine & OpenboxEditorial Strategy & Creative Direction

“Recipes for Recreational Reciprocity," or "Rec Rec Rec," is a 24-page mini-mag created for the Winter 2015 issue of Makeshift magazine. As the creative conceptor and editor, I originated the theme of social reciprocity to align with both the magazine’s Harvest issue and Openbox’s value proposition, Design for Community. Contributors responded to a brief looking for "recipes”—both utilitarian and whimsical—for how to co-exist through positive actions. The 16 final contributors included writers, innovators, founders, and artists such as master maker Mimi O Chun, DWR and Public Bicycles founder Rob Forbes, and “Massive Change” co-author Jen Leonard. “Rec Rec Rec” was distributed internationally to more than 150 shops through Barnes & Noble and Chapters/Indigo.

Editor and Conceptor

Sample spreads from the mini-mag